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Commissions are Welcomed!

It is helpful if the client can show any of my past work or color pallet that lends inspiration for the commission. Images are welcomed, but keep in mind there can never be an exact reproduction.  

Commissions are painted on a deep wooden panel, sides painted gray or a neutral color. 

Commissions are an additional 20% to the standard prices listed below. 

A 20% deposit is due at the time you place your order.  

Please contact me if you are interested in a custom size not listed below! 

*Revisions are not a part of the contract, however on the occasion a revision is necessary there will be a charge. 

Standard Prices:

12"x12"  - $225

12"x24" - $325

24"x24" - $495

24"x36" - $725

40"x18"- $850

36"x36"- $950

30"x40" - $995

30"x42" - $995

40"x40" - $1,025

30"x48" - $1,100

36"x48" - $1,200

48"x48" - $1,300

Tax not included.

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