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high: a conversation about change. the reedy runs through it.

HIGH: Teresa Roche + Kiah Ann Bellows

tandem, reactionary, improvise


Working in Tandem, artist Teresa + Kiah sought to create something new. Something more than the sun of its parts. Not merely two artist conversing on a canvas, but a free flowing installation bringing a shared expression to a grand scale. The work speaks to innovation and growth, taking cues form the city of Greenville itself.

Inspired by the magnitude of the space they began experimenting for the first time with pouring highly concentrated acrylic mediums on unstretched canvas. This act of pouring, balancing intention and accident, became a lunching point for the work. It reflects the act of collaboration, the nature of installation and the growth of our community.

The idea of growth centered the pieces, as Teresa + Kiah explored themes of courage, faith support and trepidation. The cooperative process mirrored the heart of the work. Harmony had to be sought between making plans and yielding control, allowing the art to evolve and develop without force. On the Canvas and at their core is expansiveness.

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