Kiah Ann Bellows
Artist: Greenville, SC
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Commissions are full for 2019. Reservations will reopen Summer 2020!

Enter your email below to be the first to know when reservations open. 
Is there a painting that resonated with you but it has sold? Or perhaps something you have seen would be the perfect fit in your home with a different color pallet, composition or size? I would be glad to work with you!

Due to time constraints I take a limited number of commissions a year. *Please read details on Commissions below prior to purchasing your reservation.


the process

*please keep in mind there can never be an exact reproduction, but I will do my very best to meet your needs! *

1. Purchase your commission reservation
below in the amount of $200, this holds your spot in my calendar.

2. Email the following to with “Commission Info” in the subject line

    1. Name

    2. Size of the painting and orientation (horizontal, vertical, square)

    3. Provide 1-3 reference photos you would like to have painted (optional). 

    4. Provide 1-4 images of my past work you would like your piece to be in “the spirit” of. 

    5. Provide any other thoughts on what you are hoping from your commission. Please elaborate as much as necessary as this information is critical to a successful commission. 

    6. Colors you would like in your painting, or any colors you would like to avoid in your painting. 

    7. Specify whether or not this piece can be shown on social media (Instagram, Facebook, etc). 

3. Sign commission contract that I send by email, and Pay 50% deposit (on price of commission), listed below ($200 deposit is included in total cost of commission) 

4. Painting Commences at agreed upon time period. We can personally discuss total timeline based on your specific project. 

5. I will email a ‘rough sketch’ in the spirit of your painting for approval on colors and composition. Once I get your approval, I will begin. 

6. I will email an update photo approx half way through. Upon completing, I will send final photo, and collector will give approval or any minor edits. Any extensive edits (as judged extensive by the artist ) beyond that are subject to 15% additional fee. 

7. Collector pays shipping invoice. Shipping is dependent on size, weight and distance. If shipping costs are a concern please inquire ahead of time for an estimate. 

8. Painting ships to collector! 



What I will paint: Abstract Landscapes, anything in the spirit or style of my past work. 
What I won’t paint: Realism, anything in a different style than my past work. 
Materials: Acrylic based paint with mixed media marks : Ink, pencil, charcoal, graphite, watercolor stick, oil stick. 
Panels: I work with an exceptional local craftsman to hand make custom panels for you. These birchwood panels are braced and sealed to ensure no warping. They are cradled with a 2.5” depth on all sides. I hand wire your piece and paint the sides a soft white ready to hang. If you choose to frame that is optional.


commission pricing

A 20% deposit is due at the time you place your order. Revisions are not a part of the contract, however on the occasion a revision is necessary there will be a charge. 

12"x12" - $270
12"x24" - $390
24"x24" - $594
24"x36" - $870
30"x40" - $1320
30"x42" - $1380
36"x36" - $1410
30"x48" - $1440
40"x40" - $1674
36"x48" - $1680
42"x42" - $1794
48"x48" - $1914